The effect of alcohol on appearance

Everyone knows – alcohol adversely affects the health. However, we must not forget the impact of alcohol on appearance is directly proportional to. The drinker can be seen from afar, it is not only in gait. It's time to find out, how alcohol alters the appearance and why this is happening.

The effect of alcohol on appearance

How to change the appearance of alcohol

To make an accurate conclusion drinking a citizen or not, quite a scoped sight. Alcoholic extradite a person, which can be easily spotted love addiction.

Today alcoholism is a dangerous disease of mankind. Every year from dying thousands of accidents. How many families broke up through his fault is terrible to count. Each year, the scale of the disaster is growing. More and more fall into the clutches of a deadly addiction. The age of the drinkers is steadily declining, if early alcoholics were people of the older generation, today even teenagers are at risk. Why alcoholics change the face, understanding of the unit.

Experts constantly conduct various researches, diagnose and volunteers come to the frightening data. Any strong drinks leave a mark. Therefore, the consequences of the abuse must come.

The treacherous green snake

The treacherous green snakeIf you hold the statistics drinkers, to find a person, who never had a drink difficult. Of course, some were able to stop in time, and the other drink on significant occasions. But now we are talking about personalities, for which these drinks have become a real meaning of life. Why this happens the answer is quite simple. Usually the fault of the popular reasons why:

  • life's difficulties;
  • a lot of stress;
  • the desire to relax;
  • trouble;
  • family conflicts;
  • bad company.

Normally, drinking of the individual find a reason to take a glass. However, they do not think about, the alcohol will change the appearance and accelerate the aging process.

As alcohol changes the appearance

Abusing vodka people, often think about possible internal violations, but we must not forget about the looks. Patients with alcoholism are easy to recognize. They usually look older than their years, have skin problems, constant swelling, black circles. To understand, how alcohol affects the appearance, it should take into account the number of doses, quality, use. Even an ordinary person after the active meal will look like no matter, but these defects disappear quickly. What can be said about the hardcore drunks.

Change the appearance of prolonged abuse will be visible immediately. Swelling, weight loss, the appearance of wrinkles and other unpleasant collateral consequences. And this is unavoidable. Particularly affected are women. They drink affects especially strongly.

As alcohol changes the appearance

How alcohol affects the appearance of women

Female alcoholism is considered a terrible disease. The reason for this is the fact, that to win it yourself is almost impossible. Faced with a similar problem, hope for a miracle is pointless, you need to seek qualified help. Regularly drinking girls face violations of the internal organs, disruptions in the nervous system, external changes.

If you like to have friendship with a bottle of hopes to have a flawless exterior is impossible. It is important to realize cosmetics are not able to help, to hide this type of defect. Zamalieva them with a thick layer of Foundation the situation is only getting worse.

Green snake kills indiscriminately. He was indifferent to gender, age or social status. How many workers fell from it. Why are only famous person. Many domestic, foreign stars of show business had to while away the long days, passing the treatment of alcoholism in clinics. Even the great fortunes are not helped to get rid of dependence, put a big cross.

Therefore, it is important to realize, as far as a relationship threat, the change in appearance from alcohol only a small part of frightening consequences.

Metamorphosis in the appearance of the alcoholic

Metamorphosis in the appearance of the alcoholicHow did you find the effect of alcohol on the exterior of interrelated. It's time to find out, what change is it:

  1. Skin problems after alcohol abuse. We all know – after a good booze will come kind of parched. It seems, you can drink a few liters of water. That's only if such a sense is easy to fight, enough to fill the glass, we can not forget about the dehydration of the skin. Alcohol and the appearance of the woman leads to, the skin becomes dry, loses its natural glow. Often it cracks, peeling. With a usual cream it is difficult to help.
  2. Rosacea – redness of the skin. Strong provokes a strong surge of blood, which leads to red vascular network. The pores begin to expand, formed pigmentation.
  3. Premature aging. Everyone wants to keep youth. However, the influence of habit is manifested by skin aging. Start to appear wrinkles, even in young girls. The nasolabial folds begin to deepen, and wrinkles become pronounced features. It becomes difficult to determine the age.
  4. Hair loss. The natural process of blood circulation experiencing crashes, this deteriorates the structure of the hair. They become brittle, dim, lose a healthy glow. Often men begin to go bald early.
  5. Brittle nails. Gradually from the body begins to leach vitamins. Soon it provokes serious processes. Hair fall, nails weaken.
  6. Edema. As mentioned above, even a healthy young man after drinking small amounts of beer will feel swelling. So what about the drunks. For them the swollen face, bags under eyes natural phenomenon.
  7. Loss of contour of the face from alcohol. Women follow the beauty, I wish to be flawless. However, the impact of alcohol on appearance women are not forced to wait long. The contour ceases to be smooth, becomes blurred. Moreover, it is important to know – fix defect folk remedies or creams not. The only option would be surgery lift contour. Therefore, you should seriously think whether it is worth risking the beauty, return which is difficult.
  8. Eye problems from alcohol. Always say, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. That's just alcoholics that darkened glass. They lose their natural luster, eyelids are getting flabby, appears redness, circles.
  9. Red nose alcohol. The red nose associated with drinking. However, there is a truth. The expansion of the capillaries, which part of the face becomes unnatural color. If you do not quit the habit, all can, to take a different turn – the nose will increase significantly.

Alcohol is a poison, taking away health and beauty.

How to change the appearance of alcohol

How to change the appearance of alcohol physical abnormalities

To identify the drinker in the face easily, but sometimes the dependency is said and figure. This is especially true of individuals with a fondness for beer. High calorie liquids will quickly lead to irreversible consequences. How alcohol affects easy to figure out when the next one appears uncharacteristic hell:

  • the appearance of the chest;
  • reducing hairline;
  • buttocks acquire roundness;
  • musculature reduced, becomes flabby.

Although there are cases, when under the influence of alcoholism a person starts to rapidly lose weight, becomes exhausted.


Addiction completely takes people out of their normal order. Health problems, loss of social aspects, change the appearance of serious reason to think.

Alcohol severely affects skin color, the condition of the teeth, on the formation of wrinkles and even on vision. In addition to clouded consciousness, people, abusing alcohol, starting to look older than their years. People notice that and call man or woman alcoholics.


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