How to get rid of gaming addiction: bookmaker

The opportunity to get rich just a moment give us today the bookmaker.Tennis, football, basketball, hockey, jump – you can combine a love of sports along with the opportunity to earn. Do, if you are well versed in football, why don't you take a chance and not to predict the outcome of the match?

How much money you spend on betting?

How much money you spend on betting?

However, a harmless idea can turn into a serious addiction. If initially you're wondering "how to get rich on betting", the next question in time will be "how to get rid of gambling in bookmakers easy?".

How to get rid of gaming addiction- fast and forever

First of all, it is worth noting, that "quickly" does not mean "safe". Very quickly you might become addicted to the habit to put money, but Unlearning can be not so easy. However, be aware, it's possible, and therefore follow this advice.

  1. Find out, what you are attracted bets in bookmakers. Today, according to polls, 70% make paid predictions, not doing this for profit, and for obtaining the hazard and dose of extreme sports during the game. There is a match, and your money is at stake, and my heart just jumps, his pulse is racing and you're cheering, when the favorite team scores a goal. In this case, you can use the following method: make virtual bets. Now many sites provide the opportunity to put a virtual bet. Believe me, what is equally fascinating, as you will be charged for correct and incorrect solutions, and other people on the site will congratulate you on winning or laugh at a failed forecast. Also quite helpful is another method of simulation. Go to the bookmaker, browse sports line, choose matches, you want to bet on.. and don't bet! Mark your predictions virtual, and have fun while watching the match. These methods may seem unreliable, but, as practice shows, they are effective. You will not need to abandon rates, and at the same time, you will get pleasure from the game.
  2. How to get rid of gambling in bookmakers folk ways, if you play, to earn? You will help method of calculation. How much do you lose, making bets in bookmakers? This can be the amount, equalling half your income, or even more. Psychologists do not recommend you to abruptly abandon Hobbies, in order not to experience psychological withdrawal. Better determine the monthly amount, which you can spend on betting, for example, no more 5% from the amount of profit. However, note, what method of calculation will work only if, if you really want to get rid of gambling forever. Otherwise, having spent a certain limit, you will start to spend money in excess of.
  3. Substitution method. This method is most common in the suppression of gambling in bookmakers. Once you have decided, I never want to depend on the whims of fortune, you make the decision to change your life. Find a new hobby – sports, modeling personal life, courses for self-development. All these measures diversify your life, you will feel the taste of life and joy from other things, not related to rates.

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Whichever way you would prefer, remember, as long as you're dependent on bookmakers, you won't be happy. Wish you luck in dealing with addiction!

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