Sambuca — what kind of drink

Today there are a large number of various alcoholic drinks. Sambuca is considered to be the most popular among them. It's time to get to know her better.

General information

Sambuca homeland drink is Italy. Here it is used on solemn feasts and other joyous events. However, it is not necessary to relate it to weak, sweet liquids.

In fact, alcohol Sambuca is one of the strongest. Especially compared to her counterparts. Sambuca percentage of alcohol can, reaches 42%. Therefore, it is important to understand, abuse the products are not worth it.


Varieties of Sambuca

Today alcohol Sambuca is divided into three types:

  1. White. Refers to the traditional, has a transparent look and goes well with desserts, fruits and more hearty dishes – meat and fish.
  2. Red. Due to the large amount of berries, has a characteristic red hue. Has a special aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.
  3. Black. Unusual shade is obtained by adding the licorice root and special spices. This Sambuca is especially in demand among gourmets and connoisseurs of fine alcohol.

Regardless of the type, the drink is versatile. It can be consumed men and women. There is an opinion, what Sambuca has healing properties. Its moderate consumption improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, increases appetite and helps to cure colds.

Alcohol Sambuca is able to exert a strengthening and healing effect. However, it is understood as the benefits it is important to adhere to the acceptable dosage. It can be consumed neat or for cocktails. Due to its composition it gives the fluid a special flavor and a pleasant aftertaste.

History of Sambuca

History of Sambuca

Each drink has its own biography. The Sambuca is also rich in history and rich. How to tell some sources, appeared drink accidentally. It happened after unknowingly adding berries and blossoms in the anisette. The farmer was famous for its excellent product, but such an oversight clearly occurred for the first time.

However, to pour the spoiled recipe the man did not, deciding to keep the mixture. After some time the craftsman gave his daughter in marriage. The triumph made wide sizes and the prepared alcohol was not enough. Then the host offered the guests to try marriage, the result was unexpected. Guests were delighted, it turns out new alcohol for its taste and aroma surpassed their counterparts. After this incident, the sudden recipe was brand.

However, there are other versions of creation. One of them is a tincture of anise was brought to Rome from the East, as a therapeutic composition. It has long been used to improve their well-being and health promotion. Sambuca soon began to be used for relaxation as alcoholic products.

Use in cooking

Speaking about cooking, in this case we mean cocktails. After all, for them to use aromatic tincture. The most famous is "Anise banana", "Malichite and Polidori".

Sambuca goes well with citrus and especially with lemons. Although there are cases, when the drink is used to give a new taste of usual dishes of food and meat. Some confectioners use a tincture to create your own desserts. A gourmet coffee apply a few drops of alcohol to yourself in the fragrant drink. So it is special flavor.

alcohol Sambuca

Method of use

For use beverage use special elongated stack and brandy glasses. Ways drinking can be a few. As an independent alcohol with ice or as a cocktail. To quench your thirst, it is customary to drink it with milk. In many clubs you can see the spectacular flow – ignition. Do it in a special glass with a thick bottom, walls. Containing up to burn, then drink hot.

Many people do not understand, why this happens. The thing is, that Sambuca is considered a strong drink, with a lot of sugar. The combustion process is due to the presence of fusel oil. Due to this, the flame turns bright blue. After eating you may be feeling mild hangover to blame fusel oil and other impurities, adversely affecting the condition of the body.

In our days there are many fakes. To be able to distinguish the quality, it is important to know, what is a good product, has a viscous texture and sweet taste. However, it should not be too sugary, but most importantly it has a pleasant anise aftertaste.

Harm Sambuca and use

Though Sambuca alcoholic drink, you cannot ignore its beneficial properties. It causes appetite, normalizes digestion and helps to relieve from nervous tension. Thanks to all these properties the drink used since ancient times.

Lest we forget, that Sambuca alcoholic drink. So, despite all the positive characteristics, he has a number of drawbacks. After all, excessive drinking is fraught with sad consequences, until alcoholism.

Liquor can not be used if you are hypersensitive, pregnant and nursing mothers, and children.

Sambuca alcoholic drink

The composition of Sambuca

To understand, what is Sambuca, you need to carefully consider its composition, which includes the following components:

  • wheat;
  • sugar;
  • Anis.

These elements are classic. When added can create a familiar version of the product, not having color. However, experts are constantly trying to improve the products. It is often added in the recipe of elderberries, herbs and spices. With this drink begins to take a completely different smell and flavor. However, it is important to know the exact consistency, otherwise the expected result is different.

Home cooking

People are constantly trying to borrow the famous recipes for preparing drinks. Sambuca is no exception, despite the fact, what its creators are trying to keep the technology of cooking secret. Often cooking is a bit like making absinthe. Her carefully insist, distilled. It is important to purchase the main components:

  • anise fruit;
  • anise seeds;
  • Sambucus nigra;
  • alcohol;
  • fructose;
  • purified water;
  • lemon peel.

Usually the prepared infusion well clog, shaken and lowered for storage in a dark place. Later 5 days it is filtered and carried out the distillation process. However, it is understood, the end result is often different from the store of goods. The reason is the observance of special technology and the use of special ingredients.

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