How to get your husband to quit drinking without his consent

For any woman scary, when her husband becomes addicted to alcohol. All mutual dreams, plans crumble in an instant. Between lovers there is a huge gap. It seems the only way out – divorce. But you shouldn't get excited, there were so many good. You should try to save her husband from this addiction. Only the native's wife will help to return to a normal life.

According to statistics, every second family is falling apart due to alcoholism, spouse

According to statistics, every second family is falling apart due to alcoholism, spouse

In times of search for new doses of alcohol, man becomes uncontrollable. If they are driven by evil instincts, forcing to go against the family. Moral aspects of go. All the usual values, which were the Foundation, crumble, however, it is possible to change. Change the concept of their behavior. And it needs:

  • stop blame the wife, it only makes it again to pick up a bottle;
  • patience, try to find the root of all evil. You need to find the cause, which favorite to decide to give preference to alcohol;
  • try to show how much you care about him. To meet him from work with a delicious dinner, show him more love, care;
  • more himself talk. Interested in, how was your day;
  • let your household chores. Ask to play with children or all together to go to the store;
  • try as much as possible to spend time together. Joint trips to the cinema, hike, walking, a little return to him the joy of life;
  • remove man from the company of drinking friends. This communication must stop;
  • try to find him a hobby, matter which man would devote his leisure.

It is understood, these methods will help in an early stage. When a person can reasonably understand, what is more important to him. If this does not help, please seek professional help. There are plenty of centers, where experienced people make a consultation with the patient, and members of his family. There they will learn, how to carry themselves well in this situation.

If there are no forces to fight with her husband a drunk, you should think about divorce!

If there are no forces to fight with her husband a drunk, you should think about divorce!

Treat alcoholic right!

The right approach, the first step to success. You need to learn to restrain myself when dealing with an alcoholic husband. And for that, you should use some tips:

  1. Try not too to take care of it. Young man will understand the seriousness of your addiction. Your excuses his actions, will only lead to, that the patient will take it all for granted.
  2. Take care of yourself. Continue to go about their business, to take care of themselves. If you dear to him, the male ego will make the drinker of the male to stay. Just not to lose such a gorgeous girl.
  3. Hangover the most difficult period. Get me a beer will not be correct, it is better to offer medical treatment. It will be so bad, that unfortunate man will agree to any measure.

Of course, this fight will have to be patient. If there are no forces, it think about the divorce from her husband an alcoholic.

Alcoholism treatment: effective methods

Blessed succumbed and agreed to be treated? It is necessary to take up the case. Only do not hurry to run to the pharmacy for drugs. First, you need to consult a psychiatrist. Only a doctor, having considered the specific case, can prescribe an appropriate treatment.

The alcoholic needs to be protected from "bad" friends

The alcoholic needs to be protected from “bad” friends

To resort to medicine, is not the only way to forget about this terrible problem. There are a number of possible treatment options:

  1. Coding. The most common method. Based on the introduction to the patient's skin ampoules with a special medicine. Affecting the body, causes aversion to any drinks. It is usually held for a few years, to finally get rid of dependence.
  2. Hypnosis. Suitable for those people, who are easily indoctrinated.
  3. Acupuncture. Operates through pressure points, that produce alcohol aversion. For successful results require multiple sessions.
  4. Herbal treatment. Many herbs can cause negative for any intoxicating beverage. So surely guess the grass, it is better to pay the herbalist.
  5. Healers. A very questionable method, however, there are those, who enlists the aid of incantations and prayers.
  6. Folk remedies. Can have only a negative effect. Don't believe everything, what you write, otherwise, it can cause serious health problems.
  7. Self-hypnosis. Give examples from real life, as people voluntarily refused to use.

Remember, to get rid of this terrible disease, you need a lot of strength, patience. You need to decide for yourself, are you ready to take such a burden. Possible breakdowns, relapses are inevitable, but the main result is a return to her beloved family.


Drinker husband is a trouble for any of the fairer sex. If it is difficult to independently deal with addiction spouse, you should seek help from family and professionals. Today is often practiced treatment without voluntary agreement of the patient. It remains only to be patient and listen to a lot of insulting words in his address.

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