Prevention of alcohol abuse in the clinic or home call

Prevention of alcohol abuse, like any other chronic disease, важна и необходима. Профилактические задачи направлены на снижение факторов, leading to alcohol consumption, early detection of addiction and the creation of a favorable social environment for the recovering patient. At any time possible call a narcologist at home, who will provide the necessary assistance to the victim, or even take you to the hospital.

Being a severe chronic mental illness (a kind of addiction), it is characterized by an addiction to alcoholic beverages; его профилактика требует особого внимания, requires high qualifications of the clinic and medical staff.

There are many factors, leading to this disease:

  • Health problems;
  • Heredity;
  • Social environment;
  • Depressive disorders;
  • Personality;
  • Alcohol availability.

The disease affects all age groups., gender and social groups, therefore, its prevention is aimed at addressing and eliminating the causes of addiction.

Prevention of alcohol abuse is aimed at preventing the formation of a person's addiction to alcoholic beverages, preservation of life and health, assistance in the treatment and at the rehabilitation stage of getting rid of alcoholism.

Alcohol abuse prevention is classified as follows:

  • Primary – preventive – involves preventing interest and cravings for alcohol (develops a psychologically negative attitude towards the use of alcoholic beverages and any other psychoactive substances). Особенно нацелено на детей, adolescents and youth.
  • Secondary – therapeutic – предполагает выявление и лечение людей с алкогольной зависимостью на всех этапах. Нацелен на пациента, his / her family and inner circle.
  • Tertiary – rehabilitative – involves the prevention of relapse, формирование благоприятной среды для восстановительного этапа терапии. Предназначен для выздоравливающих пациентов.

The methods used are as follows:

  • Formation of a new attitude towards lifestyle and a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Motivation for social contact and mutual assistance in the family, at work, at school.
  • Formation of behavioral tactics and the development of stress-resistant mental, personal and physical resources.
  • Building skills to counteract alcohol abuse, education about the effect of alcohol on the child's body, teen, women.
  • Encouraging conscientious objection to alcoholic beverages.
  • Creation of a platform for development and interests: sport, hobby, travel, work, needlework.

Highly qualified psychotherapists are engaged in the prevention of alcoholism.

Please, pay attention!

If you need to convince a loved one to visit the clinic, we will give you detailed instructions and help you in trouble.

If there is already a need for treatment, not primary prevention of alcohol abuse, specialists will quickly cope with this.

Лечение злоупотребления алкоголем начинается с бесплатного первого посещения. Психотерапевт-нарколог оказывает помощь пациенту с первого визита до окончания терапии.

The patient is obliged to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, lab tests, alcohol tests, ultrasound procedure, ECG, examination by a therapist and other specialists (if necessary).

The doctor plans a detailed treatment and rehabilitation program:

  • motivation;
  • detoxification;
  • psychotherapy;
  • aversion therapy;
  • ibogaine therapy (optional);
  • complementary therapy (optional);
  • implant (optional).

The clinic provides supportive care throughout the year (outpatient stage) in the form of consultation and follow-up, even after complete recovery from alcohol addiction.

The clinic provides treatment only in a hospital, which guarantees control of recovery, offers the most comfortable living conditions, in some medical institutions are available:

  • spacious 1, 2 and 3-bed rooms of hotel comfort level.
  • Individual full board, if necessary – dietary menu on the recommendation of a doctor.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • Gym, physiotherapy.
  • Room for relaxation and communication, cable TV, Wi-Fi.
  • Relaxation with expert-grade hardware.

The cost of services is calculated for each patient individually, according to the clinic's price list, схемой лечения и состоянием при поступлении. Comprehensive services available.

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