Laughing gas is a drug or not?

In society at an alarming rate, a growing number of diverse drugs. Their variety is incredibly surprising. Not only is variety the spice, powders and desomorphine. After all, the last time one of them began to refer to this harmless laughing gas. Today it can easily be purchased online. That's just what really hides – nitrous oxide laughing gas? It's time to sort out the details.

Laughing gas

Laughing gas: the history of

Recent nitrous oxide laughing gas got its popularity in large Metropolitan areas. Many young people use it for club parties. That's just harmless at first glance, the drug has terrible effects on human health. In the checked sources of data already exist about adverse effects.

The use of laughing gas got its wide distribution in 19 century. It is widely used in dentistry. And since 20 century in surgery as anesthesia.

However, scientists were able to notice, what negative effect has laughing gas. A decision was taken to dilute with oxygen. That's just the risk of heart failure did not disappear. Why laughing gas could be used only under the careful attention of the anesthesiologist.

balloons with laughing gas

Today the balloon with laughing gas, relates to packaging and is often used in industry.

Nitrous oxide is of three kinds:

  • food;
  • technical;
  • medical.

It is worth noting, knowing what harm to the organism causing this drug, it continues to be used for medical purposes. Although designed much more efficient, and most importantly reliable drugs.

Effects on humans

Laughing gas is responsible for a series of serious consequences. However, despite this he is not entered in the register is prohibited. To enjoy the laughing gas without any problems, can anyone. Many young people without fear struck up a friendship with him. Here only in practice, such passion can cause serious problems.

under laughing gas

Balloons laughing gas is able to develop highly addictive, especially those, who does this systematically.

The drug causes intense hallucinations.. Consume in a trance. In this state, it's easy to overfill their lungs with harmful component. It often leads to, what consume losing consciousness, and when, does not remember, what happened to him.

The addiction

Proven – nitrous is addictive. That's just to say exactly, when it will manifest itself in the form quite difficult. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the addict, his health, frequency and amount of use. However, to avoid psychological grafting impossible.

Under laughing gas, people begin to experience the satisfaction of, burst of joy, serenity. All this forces them to use gas again. The desire to again feel the incredible sensations lead him to the curve track, collapse which happens almost impossible.

nitrogen laughing gas

Signs of use

Usually notice, what one eats is quite difficult. The first alarming signal may be bruises on the body. The fact, that inhaling large amounts of nitrous oxide, an accident may lose consciousness – to injuries during the fall.

Many do not know, but an overdose of the drug may lead to the formation of oxygen starvation. It usually ends in death.

the use of laughing gas

Drug intoxication usually lasts for about 30 minutes, but if after you inhale again, the effect may last several hours. The first signs of intoxication:

  • significant mood enhancement;
  • a pleasant warmth throughout the body;
  • mild dizziness;
  • fun;
  • causeless laugh;
  • relaxation;
  • carelessness.

Then begin to appear hallucinations. Usually it is bright, nice pictures. Consume experiencing incredible happiness. It is this feeling forced to return to the drug again.

Consequences of the use

Inhaling poisonous gas, the body feels real poisoning. It is usually accompanied by anorexia, hypoxia. These effects have a strong impact on the nervous system.

If a person begins to abuse the drug, soon the state of hypoxia can develop into a chronic form. Leads to reduced immunity, the development of anemia. The victim begins to disappear in nerve sensitivity, the reason for this is the metabolic disorder.

Treatment depends on laughing gas

As mentioned above, the drug can provoke the development of psychological dependence. Poor health forces them to take the drug again. Treatment laughing gas at home is impossible.

The patient is obliged to seek qualified help. Special clinics will be held special therapy, which includes several stages. Only after passing them, you can think about returning to normal life.

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