Options for choosing an antenatal band

Bandage Is a thing, which you just can't buy in pharmacy from warehouse. She has certain requirements, which are taken into account when wearing a pregnant woman. What are the parameters for choosing an elastic belt?

What are the criteria for making a choice

There are not so many options to choose from. Everything may depend on personal preferences and individual characteristics of a woman in a position.


With all the diversity of the model range of bandages, not everyone is suitable for a pregnant woman. In women, pregnancy proceeds in different ways.. Wearing one belt, he can squeeze, restrain movement. The prenatal dressing is primarily aimed at ensuring the comfort of the pregnant woman., comfort and pain relief. Therefore, when choosing, you must be guided by your own feelings..

The size

All types of bandages have a dimensional grid. Before buying, you need to measure the circumference of the hips under the tummy. Better to choose a belt with an adjustable buckle, which has a certain stock. In this case, the accessory will not rub and squeeze. If the choice fell on a bandage with panties, then it is better to take a size larger, than before pregnancy. A belt with a cape should be sized to fit, while watching, so that the fabric is as elastic as possible, not tough.


The material from which the medical device is sewn must be natural, strong enough, so that the service life is not significantly reduced during the first wash. The composition may include a certain percentage of synthetics, thanks to which the bandage becomes elastic. If synthetics are more than half, then you should abandon the bandage, since it will not allow air to pass through, what will make a woman uncomfortable.


A bandage with a large number of eye-catching buttons should be abandoned., fasteners, or even lightning, who will rub the skin and press on the body.


Least important criterion for choosing a bandage. Many will say, he is under clothes, you can't see him. But some young moms pick up the belt, like underwear, to match clothes: black, White, bodily. For lovers of ruffles and flowers, satin and lace, manufacturers have created such belts, so there is simplicity and beauty even in the prenatal bandage.

When buying a belt from a catalog https://aptstore.ru/catalog/ falls on the cold season, you can buy bandage shorts, which are made of warm fabric, a cape can be attached to them in addition. In such a bandage you will not have to worry about your health and your future baby.. It is important to understand your feelings and translate them into reality..

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