Prevention of substance abuse among minors

Many people believe that substance abuse is a harmless hobby, allowing you to temporarily dull their minds. That's just a fact, everything is much more serious. Prevention of substance abuse just as, it is a terrible disease. He often affects children of school age.

prevention of substance abuse

Teenagers dream to assert itself, to experience new sensations and are absolutely not the right way. If the schools will be the prevention of alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, the statistics of accidents seriously reduced. Teenagers need to understand, what tragic consequences can result in seemingly innocent entertainment.

Substance abuse kills

If the term of the disease is translated from the Greek language, you can find its literal translation, which directly characterizes his passion, attraction to poisons. Doctors do not believe this innocent addiction, and without a doubt, relate it in some lists with addiction. After all, if to understand the specific effects of inhaled agents, they, once in the body, have a deadly threat. Disrupted Central nervous system, heart, the lungs and other, vital organs.

The only difference from drugs is their availability. Anyone can buy the glue, lacquer, the solvent and use it absolutely not on purpose. Of course, you cannot restrict your child from using the subjects of chemistry. After all, they do often come to the rescue and available in every home.

However, parents can affect, to their son/daughter has not used them as a means of obtaining satisfaction of the. After all, even a couple of breaths is enough, to cause your health tremendous harm. In order to avoid such prevention of drug and substance abuse should be present in the life of a teenager and his family.

prevention of drug and substance abuse

Prevention of substance abuse: types

If you believe the statistics at risk are usually children from underprivileged families, orphans, orphans. They were deprived of attention, love and care. Therefore, I believe the only way to experience pleasant emotions – to get a buzz. That's just for drugs, cigarettes or alcohol are usually no money. Then comes to the aid of common household chemicals. Children find gasoline, the solvent or varnish, pours it in a package, and alternately breathe in and out, not even thinking about the consequences.

However, this does not mean, what kids from good families safe. They can be influenced by the company, friends or simply do a bad deed in spite of the guardians. Therefore, regardless of social status, the prevention of drug and substance abuse should be.

Prevention of substance abuse is divided into two types:

  1. Primary. Is conducting interviews for those interested in the topic during classroom hours. Typically, students participate in special events dedicated to the topic. For this teacher make a plan for the prevention of substance abuse. Come up with a quiz, Teens are asked to draw posters, conduct tests and communicate with psychologists. With the right approach, experienced professionals are able to recognize faces inclined to the similar dangerous attraction. With such children conducted individual interviews and periodically conduct surveys.
  2. Integrated. Based on the public scale. Many public services combine their efforts, with the aim to convey to children the important points for a healthy lifestyle.

event for the prevention of substance abuse

Event for the prevention of substance abuse include:

  • education for adolescents – hanging posters, live chat on this topic;
  • identify cases of substance abuse. For the paragraph police are responsible;
  • control after the rehabilitation period. Psychologists, parents should do everything, that the child once again came to a curve path;
  • relapse prevention.

Many parents, faced with this terrible problem, blame school, company, friends. But it is necessary to understand, the responsibility lies not only on educational and medical institutions. Mom and dad must take their active participation – conduct interviews. You can even look together suitable for the theme of the documentary. This will help to reduce the appearance of bad Hobbies.

Plan for the prevention of substance abuse in schools can include the following activities:

  • the survey, to learn about the percentage awareness of students about the possible consequences;
  • the distribution of specially created newsletters;
  • conduct classroom hours;
  • the organization of the round table;
  • communication with employees of special services, which guys will be able to ask their questions;
  • competitions;
  • contests school Newspapers.

Even if prevention has not helped to protect the child, and he became addicted. No time to lose, you should immediately contact the respective companies. Here the patient will assist, and will help to return to a normal existence.

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