Sniff glue – a sign of substance abuse

Sniff glue, it means to inhale a variety of toxic substances. It can be a pair of adhesive, solvents, paint – such substances lot, list them endlessly.

This bad habit was born long ago. People have long been sought to infuse different flavors to get pleasure. For many, it is a simple hobby, but few people understand the danger, biomolecule. "Sniffing glue" – serious disease, ignore, to close my eyes he is not.

glue moment

Many users, do not think, what damage to your body.

Why children sniff glue?

This habit can relate to as adults, and very young children. The reasons for the emergence of this terrible addiction can be called a lot:

  • imitation of the older;
  • the desire to assert themselves;
  • curiosity;
  • the desire to try new;
  • the desire to look adult.

Most often, these action – inhalation of glue, held in a large company. A group of guys take turns making a procedure. For them it is funny, incredibly fun action. The resulting sense of euphoria, makes young people feel happy, independent. It is worth noting, a kind of entertainment is the first step in the development of a serious addiction. Very soon inspired by teen wants to try more serious stuff. It could be alcohol or drugs.

teenager and glue

There are many reported cases of suffocation. The fact, many Teens use plastic bags.

Many users, do not think, what damage to your body. The resulting harm, brings serious complications. The whole process is based on the fact, what glue or any other inhaled substances into the lungs, blood, and after that they opened the road to the brain. Hence there is a welcome sense of intoxication. It's just sweet as it seems. If the volatile matter gets to the medulla, the outcome might be disastrous.

There are many reported cases of suffocation. The fact, many Teens use plastic bags. Pouring glue, wear them on your head, then get "the buzz". Here are just a few people understand, that unconscious is very easy to choke. Teens not able to control their actions.

How to recognize addicts?

Many parents are seriously concerned about, that their child may succumb to evil influences and become addicted to this harmful habit. So what you should pay special attention:

  • clothes teenager smell a strange smell;
  • to breath chemicals;
  • unpleasant discoveries – empty cans of glue, solvents;
  • redness in the nose area;
  • the occurrence of cough;
  • unhealthy pale skin;
  • loss of appetite;
  • speech disorder;
  • loss of interest to everything around him;
  • poor performance, skipping classes;
  • constant irritability;
  • unwillingness to communicate with parents;
  • the abrupt change of the company.

The presence of symptoms of, can be a cause for concern. But it is not necessary to do sharp insights. Panic will not give a positive result.


If the volatile matter gets to the medulla, the outcome might be disastrous.

The actions of the parents of addicts

The first thing, to do, noticing some suspicious symptoms, talk to your child. You need to calm, without shouting, scandals to tell him about their experiences. Son (daughter) must understand, that you are on their side. You have become a friend to the child, the only way I can find out the reason, which he decided to resort to this kind of relaxation.

Be sure to inform the child, what are the consequences of causes inhalation of glue. He should understand, all responsibility of action. Sniffing their glue, lasting more than two months, capable of destroying the internal organs and the nervous system. But if the use will take several years, this can lead to disability and even death. The conversation should be as intelligible. Show video, illustrative examples will be a good occasion to reflect.


Explain to your child, that you love him and care so. It is also worth to understand, often in this condition children are not willing to listen to their parents. All conversations are perceived in bayonets. Do not despair, you can seek the help of professionals. Experienced doctors experts in narcology, consider the specific situation and decide, how to proceed. It is not necessary to give up and be upset, with the right approach, to return the child to a normal existence really!

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