Toxic gas

Substance abuse is a serious disease, which is the first step to addiction. Special danger it poses to those, under their dependence luring young youth. Toxic gas is increasingly becoming a reason for admission of teenagers to the hospital. As parents to recognize this serious addiction?

toxic gas

Toxic gas: features

Teenagers often resort to the inhalation of gases from lighter and cylinders. This lesson they believe to be innocent entertainment, which allows them to feel older. Going to the big companies, they engaged in this dangerous occupation. Young people cannot even imagine, what harm have volatile toxins on the body.

Every year more and more young people become victims of substance abuse. And if earlier it was considered entertainment for children from underprivileged families, now even the wealthy parents suffer from addiction of their favorite children. An innocent hobby quickly develops into a serious disease, and stop to become more and more difficult.

In medicine there is no distinction of addiction from substance abuse. This is one disease, associated with the formation of strong dependence. The only distinguishing feature is, that substance abuse is not prohibited by law, after all, to meet their needs people use ordinary gasoline, glue or other household chemicals. So inhaling gasoline fumes, without obstacles it enters the blood, brain, liver, giving slow, but devastating effect. The greatest danger to the body brings a styrene – a breakdown product of gasoline. It is able to accumulate in fatty tissues and affect the digestive system, genitals.

Toxic substances having other serious complications:

  • skin irritation;
  • education burns;
  • mucous membranes;
  • the development of cancer;
  • tumor formation in the organs.

Substance abuse of gas lighter is where it starts this addiction, can make a person disabled.

substance abuse gas for lighters

Causes of substance abuse gas

Inhalation of gas, not happening due to the development of physical dependence, most teenagers have resorted to it with the purpose to get rid of their problems. The teenager does not understand, that temporary feeling of "high" will not help to improve their existence. Moreover, he had the attention of peers, already tried the substance abuse and got a taste. It seems to them like an adult lesson, which helps them to relax and to assert themselves. Having embarked on this dubious path, to go alone with her is very difficult. That's why, noticing the warning signs, parents need without wasting time, to start treatment.

As mentioned above, substance abuse serious illness, that requires immediate treatment. With regular use of volatile vapors, begins to develop a dependence, that occurs in three stages:

  1. The person is aware of, what's going on around him, but consciousness gets a little confused. There is a constant feeling of relaxation.
  2. Appear mild hallucinations, everything seems easy. The person ceases to control his body and mind. Lost balance and coordination.
  3. The world seems unreal. Dependent persecute horrible nightmares, which he perceives as reality.

Gradually, the patient will not be able to live without a new dose of glue, petrol or gas.

substance abuse

Gas symptoms of substance abuse

External changes is difficult to determine substance abuse, it may not manifest severe symptoms: dilated pupils, redness of the skin, impaired coordination. To more accurately determine whether the child is an abuser or not, help tests. Them with ease you can buy at the pharmacy. The major alarming bells for parents should be the next phenomenon:

  • the presence of the gasoline smell from baby clothes;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • tearing;
  • loss health, no desire to learn, worsen evaluation;
  • teenager becomes distracted and forgetful.

Substance abuse gas may not be noticeable for the first time, but with regular inhaled even changes human behavior.

The consequences of substance abuse

Toxic gasStrong exposure to butane and propane can cause the effect of atrial fibrillation, which can lead to death. The resulting poisons detrimental effect on all organs. So, after two years of substance abuse, the patient may become mentally retarded disabled. This happens due to the delay of development, in adolescents, reduced intelligence, he stops to think and develop.

Inhalation of gases may also be manifested by occurrence of other complications:

  • lung disease;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • the bone marrow;
  • stop breathing;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • palpitations;
  • violation of the brain, which occurs already after six months of use;
  • death due to suffocation or mechanical damage.

Toxic gas may lead to death. This is not a joke, which amuse!

The gas treatment of substance abuse

The most effective way to save a child from substance abuse is considered to be place a change of residence or a long trip. The teenager needs to be isolated from their usual social circle. It is necessary to do so, so he gave up his bad company. Just do not make radical decisions. No need to ban, threaten to close or addicts at home, this can lead to his escape and will only ruin your relationship with your parents.

A dependent teenager begins to experience persistent depression, it happens because of brain damage. It can only be cured with the help of an experienced professional in an appropriate institution. The first stage of therapy is to treat the body from the toxins, to do this, enter the correct vitamins and glucose. Also required work with a psychologist, you need to find out the root causes, due to which the patient carried away with substance abuse. These can be individual interviews or group work dependent.

Importantly, at the time of treatment, this concern and love of parents. The teenager needs to understand and feel, that worried about him and want to help him. After the therapy is recommended, spends more time with him, to find a common interesting to do, hobby. Need to help confuse a person to get on the right path. Joint trip on rest will be a good option, to return the former addict, the joy of life. He should understand, what in the world there are many interesting things and the inhalation of gases left in the past.

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