Decreased vision in young people and adults, as a consequence of remote operation

Novel coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the health of people of all ages, all over the planet. Remote operation mode, distance learning of children, entailed a long stay in the room in front of computer monitors, TV screens, phones and other gadgets, which significantly increased the load on the intraocular muscle.

Even children were hit, switched to online learning mode. School education previously allowed changing the focus of vision on near and distant objects., take breaks, move. Online change has become characterized by changing chairs to sofa and, of course, replacing a gadget with a phone or tablet. This was followed by the loss of the ability to sit upright., often forgotten about the right lighting. Improperly organized workplace (as adults, and children) did no less harm to health, than excessive eye strain near. With gradual and imperceptible developing scoliosis, with early osteochondrosis, vision may deteriorate even more. Modern monitors, telephones, and other gadgets are dangerous and so, that are no longer notorious electromagnetic fields, and the rays of the visible spectrum. Continuous exposure to quanta of violet and blue radiation during prolonged stay at the monitor can cause the development of eye diseases, eye fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, etc..

Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova 03/24/2021. at a meeting of the final board of the department in an expanded composition, she said: “Today our colleagues in different countries are publishing data, and we are studying this problem, about growing myopias, myopia in children, who have been studying remotely for a long time”¹.

Experts believe, that the main damaging factor is the length of time a person stays in front of the monitor, when the distance between monitor and eyes is the same, as a result of which the eyes become overstrained and tired. Normal eye function involves a constant change of focus from close to long distances and vice versa.. If a person concentrates on a computer monitor for a long time, then the eye muscles are in constant tension, there is a spasm, therefore, distant objects may appear blurry².

Overwork symptoms are: burning sensation in the eyes, dry eyes, fatigue, double vision, sensitivity to bright color glare, the difficulty of distinguishing the contrast of patterns in color pictures, difficulty reading in low light, and difficulty recovering from photo stress.

Right now, relaxed restrictions, caused by the pandemic, with a gradual return to the usual way of life and regimen, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist, carry out the necessary examinations for all family members. This is especially true, if you felt, that they began to see worse, if the child begins to squint or complain, that vision has deteriorated, although I have not used any glasses before, no contact lenses. Only an ophthalmologist can determine, whether the identified disorder is functional, related to work or study conditions, if we turn it, do i need vision correction.

Carotenoids have long been used in ophthalmology for eye fatigue. Lutein and Zeaxanthin Are Particularly Helpful, found in fruits and vegetables (spinach, pumpkin, carrot, celery, green pea, broccoli, dates, bananas).
Vitamin-mineral complex Ocuwaite® Max can help to reduce the risk of negative effects of exposure to light of electronic devices on the eyes.. Окувайт® Mакс – это источник каротиноидов (lutein, zeaxanthin), docosahexaenoic acid (DGK) and an additional source of vitamins C, It is also zinc. Components, contained in Ocuwaite® Max help to reduce the effects of photo stress and help reduce the impact of harmful factors on vision. Okuwaite® Max is available in stick form, it is easy to use, does not require drinking water. Accepted by 1 stick 1 once a day for 1 months.

The components of Ocuwaite® Max are not produced by the body and are recommended for inclusion in the daily diet.. The carotenoids contained in the product help to protect the retina from the damaging effects of bright light, reduce the risk of the onset and development of age-related degenerative changes in the retina and have antioxidant properties.

Do not forget about the basic rules when working with a computer:

– keep a distance in 60-80 cm from screen;
– monitor lighting;
– take breaks
– do gymnastics for the eyes.

Be healthy and take care of your vision in advance!

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ᶾ Leaflet of dietary supplements for food "Ocuwaite® Max".

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