Kitchen design: from layout to perfect finishing

For some, the kitchen should also play the role of a utility room., providing space for additional household appliances.

The problem is creating modern kitchen design, which not only looks good – from your choice of cabinetmaker to that, how your appliances integrate into space, – but also works functionally, whether it is facilitating the use of space or finishing materials, that can withstand the specific needs of the kitchen.

From waterproof floors to heat-resistant countertops, from functional layout to functional lighting – everything is here, what do you need to do right, as part of your kitchen design.

Always remember, что расходы на кухню могут доходить до десятков тысяч долларов. That is why it is important to know, how much each element of your kitchen design will cost, including installation fees.

How to create a kitchen design brief?

Start by saying, what is really hard to think about, для чего именно вы хотите использовать свою кухню. Перечислите все, what will happen in space, including not only cooking and eating, but such things, how homework, entertainment and work from home.

You also need to think about, how will you use the space - for example, you are family, who likes to cook often or entertains large groups of people, or you live alone or with one other person and prefer convenience foods or eat out? Будете ли вы использовать свою кухню для проведения званых обедов или просто использовать ее как неформальную зону для завтрака?

What are your storage needs? Есть ли у вас отдельная кладовая для хранения большей части ваших продуктов? На сколько приборов вам понадобится место? Вы любите кухонные гаджеты?

Большой остров в этом кухонном дизайне от main company не только отвечает требованиям повседневного сидения, but also packs in a lot of extra storage space. (Image credit: the Main Company).

Next, you need to think about, as you want, to keep the goods - you are very tidy and love to clean? Если это так, then hanging racks, открытые стеллажи и стеклянные фасадные блоки могут быть для вас. If not, stick to solid doors and drawers, that can hide your mess.

Finally, what styles are you referring to? Possible, crisp, minimalist and modern design is your thing, or, possible, you are more attracted to the classic country-style kitchen design. Your choice of materials and finishes, which you choose, and the design of your device and countertop should reflect these preferences.

Finally, how much total are you willing to spend on your new kitchen? Вам нужно четкое представление о своем бюджете, to start shopping and, if you plan on using a builder or kitchen designer, передать их им. Они помогут вам получить максимальную отдачу за ваши деньги, but this is only possible if, if you have a clear idea, what will you have to spend.

Finding the right person to design your kitchen

Most people believe, what is the easiest way to make a kitchen design – это обратиться в специализированную кухонную дизайнерскую компанию. Они не только могут придумать для вас несколько дизайнов (as a rule, free), based on your resume, but many also offer fitting services.

By contacting at least three kitchen companies for quotes and designs, you will get a better idea of ​​how, what is possible with that space, which you have, and who offers the most competitive price for design and installation.

The most common way to get a kitchen plan is to ask your kitchen supplier to come up with a few designs based on your can customize them as long as, пока не будете довольны планировкой и ценой. Эта кухня Tavole от LochAnna Kitchens имеет отдельно стоящие блоки, чтобы сохранить ощущение пространства даже с большим островом. (Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens).

Can i design my own kitchen?

Other options include developing your own design and asking your building or independent kitchen installer to complete the installation., contact an interior designer or contact your architect or design professional for help and advice.

Choosing this path instead of working with a professional kitchen design, you may be missing out on the valuable experience of creating a well-designed, functional kitchen, how from the point of view, how space is ordered and flows, and in terms of maximum storage utilization.

However, on the other side, working independently of the kitchen company can offer a lot of freedom in the materials and finishes available to you.

What are the main types of kitchen layout?

Assess the size and shape of your new kitchen, чтобы разработать наилучшие варианты планировки кухни. Ваш поставщик или дизайнер должен быть в состоянии предложить идеи планировки, to make the most of the space you have.

Your kitchen layout should contain the basic “workers” kitchen areas - sink, oven, stove and refrigerator - within easy reach of each other.

Use graph paper, to make a big plan and play with layouts, which could potentially work for you, not forgetting to include any rest areas and keeping in mind the gaps around and in front of the appliances.

Kitchen in this compact Chelsea home, созданном studio Ledbury, is a great example of, как одностенная планировка кухни может работать в пространстве открытой планировки. (Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

There are several basic layouts to consider:

  • Layout of one wall: this is a general kitchen design for small spaces, especially open-plan kitchen-living room.
  • Kitchen-galley: this layout consists of two rows of blocks, facing each other, and only works in narrow spaces.
  • L-образные и U-shaped kitchens: as the names suggest, blocks are arranged in the form “L” or “U”. В кухне в форме буквы “L” shorter part of letter ” L ” often serves as a breakfast bar.
  • Kitchen island: although all of the above may include a kitchen island, islands have the specific function of separating functional kitchen spaces from living spaces and improving flow around the kitchen.
  • The peninsula: Peninsula kitchens operate similarly to island kitchens, although connected to other cabinets or the wall on one side, offering clearer separation between spaces.

Where to buy a new kitchen?

Although the most obvious way to buy a new kitchen – this is to go to the nearest kitchen salon, there are other options, some of which may be more suitable for those, кто проектирует новую кухню с ограниченным бюджетом.

Many people now prefer to buy kitchen online, providing your measurements and requirements, before you get it all, to be adapted on a DIY basis, by a builder or kitchen fitter, или самими поставщиками. Хотя покупка в интернете может быть более дешевым способом покупки новой кухни, it is not always possible to be sure of the quality of the products, which you buy.

Some people prefer to mix and match, где они покупают свою кухню. Вы можете, for example, choose cheaper, standard block frames from the online store, DIY warehouse or builder dealers, before heading to the kitchen specialist for unit doors – попробуйте голые двери и Plykea. Вы также можете купить столешницы отдельно, together with handles.

When buying a quality second hand kitchen, a designer from these specialist companies will usually help redesign the design., to fit your space, делая при этом огромную экономию по сравнению с покупкой like-for-like как новой. (Image Credit: used kitchen exchange).

Flatpack kitchens from DIY stores can be ideal for those, who is on a tight budget, и позволяют вам самостоятельно приспосабливать устройства. Поставщики все еще могут помочь с дизайнерскими идеями и планами для вашей комнаты.

Have you considered a former display case or a secondhand kitchen?? Многие из них предлагают отличное соотношение цены и качества. Спросите в кухонных салонах или обратитесь непосредственно к компаниям, specializing in used kitchens, таким как The Used Kitchen Hub или The Used Kitchen Company.

Those, who has a bigger budget for kitchen design, possible, will want to consider a completely bespoke kitchen, построенную вручную специально для вас. По-настоящему сделанная на заказ кухня будет означать, that it is made completely according to specifications in non-standard, а не стандартных размерах. Это позволит вашему дизайну учесть любые тонкости вашей кухни, to make the most of the space.

In addition, you can order a joiner, to make cabinetry for you to design your own or one you noticed elsewhere.

How much does a new kitchen cost?

As with many other home improvement jobs, unfortunately, there is no exact way to predict, каковы будут ваши индивидуальные расходы на кухню. However, you can offer a rough idea, depending on, where do you buy it.

As a rule, the new kitchen will return you from 5 000 to 10 000 $ , including household appliances and installation, although it's frighteningly easy to spend up 50 000 dollars and more!

The reason, for which it is so difficult to determine any exact costs, is that, what's the specification, location, размер кухни и ваш выбор бытовой техники будут в значительной степени влиять на ваши конечные затраты. Хотя это правда, that a basic flat kitchen can be picked up in less than 400 $ , and then installed by the homeowner, many people choose to spend a little more, to ensure quality and professional installation.

Keep in mind, that the above costs do not include:

  • Design fee;
  • Removal and disposal of old kitchens;
  • Plumbing and electrical work;
  • Floor coverings, tiles and roof tiles;
  • Heating;
  • Lighting.

Kitchen design styles

When it comes to, what style of kitchen to choose, мир действительно ваша устрица. Есть, quite literally, thousands of styles, colors and designs there (not always good, if decision making is not your thing.)

Probably, you have a pretty good idea of ​​the type of interior, which you need, And if not, then browsing kitchen salons, magazines, interior design websites and even friends' round houses can give you a good dose of inspiration.

Those, кто после современного дизайна кухни должен сосредоточиться на непритязательных дверях блока. Handleless – this is a good way to go there, where inconspicuous grooves in the top or side of the blocks replace handles or knobs, or push-click mode or operation is used.

Рассмотрите запуски полноразмерных блоков в сочетании со встроенными приборами на уровне глаз и придерживайтесь также заподлицо дверей. Высокие глянцевые блоки, as a rule, fell out of favor a little over the past couple of years (possible, something to do with that, how they detect fingerprints and grease stains so easily), so consider a matte finish instead for a much more forgiving finish.

Драматические глубокие цвета этого дизайна от производителей кухни mean, что классические фасады шейкеров делают действительно смелое дизайнерское заявление — особенно в сочетании с латунной фурнитурой. (Image credit: Kitchen Makers).

If you are looking for something more classic, then the shaker kitchen is perfect, offering a simple, timeless appearance, который может быть легко обновлен с помощью различных ручек или ручек с течением времени. Простые фасады шпунтовых блоков также имеют приятный классический вид.

Keep in mind, that a quality wooden kitchen could potentially be repainted in the future, allowing you to change the look without having to reinvest in a new kitchen.

Don't think, what do you need wall blocks - these days, many people often choose alternative options, such as shelves or full-size blocks, and replace some of the base units with large deep drawers for placing pots, pans and dishes, as well as cutlery.

Storage and shelf ideas for your kitchen design

The importance of good and convenient storage of various things and products in the kitchen – невозможно переоценить, когда речь заходит о изначальном дизайне кухни и её проектировании. Вам нужно будет оглядеться вокруг вашей нынешней кухни и подвести итоги того, что вам нужно в вашей новой кухне. Сколько оборудования у вас есть сейчас и, probably, you will get more in the future?

Think also about, как вы ходите по магазинам. Вы делаете одну большую закупку в магазине раз в неделю? Через месяц? Think, где вы будете хранить все ваши купленные товары. Что еще вам нужно будет держать в этой комнате?

Then you can come up with, какие виды хранения вам понадобятся. Варианты включают в себя дополнительные глубокие ящики, dressers, corner blocks and those, которые имеют выдвижные полки и вращающиеся карусели. Подвесные стеллажи, open shelving on walls and inside island blocks, alcoves, slabs built on both sides, and shelving, placed at the ends of block runs - all this should be taken into account, when it comes to keeping your new kitchen tidy.

Very big, deep drawers, такие как эти от Rational, идеально подходят для хранения всего-от посуды до кастрюль и сковородок. (Image from: Rational).

Countertop design complements your kitchen

Ваш выбор столешницы будет составлять основную часть дизайна вашей кухни, and also influence that, how space works from a practical point of view.

While you can choose work surfaces from a selection, offered by your kitchen supplier, it is often cheaper to buy them from a specialized desktop supplier, торговца лесоматериалами или каменщиков. Есть также онлайн-рабочие столы компаний, which will cut the countertops, to match.

Сочетание различных типов столешниц является одновременно практичным и визуально привлекательным — в этой кухне от Brayer Design Ash wood was used for the bar , в то время как кварцевые столешницы Caesarstone составляют остров. (Image Credit: Brayer Design).

Laminate countertops have come a long way in recent years and are now available in a variety of colors and finishes., and also with such advantages, both heat resistance and stain resistance.

The huge range of timber there means, that there is a wood countertop for every kitchen style and every budget - but keep in mind, that they require maintenance, to hold on to their good looks.

Durable composite surfaces and solid stone look beautiful, but tend to lie at the high end of the price scale.

Finding the right home appliances for your kitchen design

While most people these days prefer to shop for their kitchen appliances, many kitchen suppliers also offer packages and offers, which include them - especially large household goods, such as fridge-freezers, ovens and stoves, а также вытяжки.

However, you can usually find home appliances a little cheaper, совершая покупки вокруг. In addition, if you are looking for something with an attractive design twist, you, probably, you will need to contact a specialist for the type of device, which you are looking for.

Along with more obvious kitchen appliances, the above, think, какие другие предметы действительно могут заставить вашу кухню работать на вас. Пекари могли бы извлечь выгоду из доказательных ящиков, wine lovers might consider a wine cooler, while those, who needs a boost of caffeine, first thing to look at are the many built-in coffee machines, offered today.

Skema-это новый потолочный вытяжной шкаф от Falmec. Он оснащен двумя закаленными стеклянными панелями с рассеянным светодиодным освещением, as well as a central metal panel, предназначенной для скрытия зоны извлечения. (image: Falmec).

All these points should be planned from the very beginning., so that you can work out the right balance in terms of, how much storage space will be allocated and how much can be used by your new kitchen equipment.

Extraction is required to, so that your new kitchen is not filled with steam and cooking smells every time, когда вы решите использовать свою плиту. В идеале вы хотите, to keep your hood ventilated outside.

How to choose a kitchen sink and faucet?

As with household appliances, sometimes sinks and taps are included with your kitchen supplier, although they can also be purchased separately.

Когда речь заходит о выборе кухонной раковины, think about, как вы планируете использовать свою кухню. Будете ли вы мыть много или вы будете полагаться только на посудомоечную машину? Вам нужно сделать раковину для мытья рук и посуды? Есть ли у вас громоздкие предметы оборудования, to be washed in the sink?

Think about your answers - they should give you an idea of ​​the size and configuration of the sink, which suits you.

As for the kitchen faucet, many models are now available, who do much more, чем просто распределяют воду. От кранов фильтра к тем обеспечивая немедленную кипя воду-есть даже краны, who give you soda these days.

Floor covering for kitchens

Kitchen floors should be, first of all, практичными. Он должен быть легко чиститься и выдерживать много шагов, and also deal with hot liquids and stains.

It goes without saying, что жесткий пол-это лучший вариант. Керамическая плитка является одним из самых экономичных вариантов, and is also easy to DIY on a DIY basis - plus it is available in almost any color, size, form, patterns and departments, which you may want.

Porcelain tiles, as a rule, more expensive than ceramic, but denser and less porous, so, as a rule, more durable.

Полированный бетон и натуральный камень-тоже блестящие варианты. Некоторые натуральные камни более мягкие и пористые, than others, and may get dirty, if they are not properly sealed, so check, which stone is best for you.

Wood floors can be used in kitchens, but keep in mind, what conifers, in particular, склонны к движению и могут деформироваться и скручиваться при воздействии изменений температуры и уровня влажности — обычное явление на кухнях. Инженерная древесина является более стабильным вариантом, than solid boards.

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Kitchen Design

Before your blocks are installed, вам нужно будет установить свою первую исправную электрику. Вы должны были еще на стадии планирования придумать дизайн освещения для своей кухни. Если ваша новая кухня является частью более крупного проекта реконструкции, вы вполне можете нанять специалиста-дизайнера освещения или попросить вашего поставщика освещения разработать план. In addition, вы можете решить самостоятельно спланировать свою схему освещения.

Think about, where bright, focused light - for example, над горячими точками приготовления пищи. Даунлайтеры, intended for, to shine a ray of light exactly there, where is it needed, without affecting the shadow of the person, working on the work surface, perfect fit, like stains on the tracks.

Elsewhere, use strip lighting under wall units and even hidden under base units, чтобы обеспечить хорошее окружающее свечение. Низко подвешенные подвески хорошо работают над островными блоками, bar counters and dining tables.


Используйте комбинацию источников света на кухне. Here под прилавком и островом были использованы контурные линейные светодиодные ленты John Cullen Contour. (Photo courtesy of John Cullen).

How long does it take, to adapt the kitchen?

I repeat again, что это очень сложно назвать. Простой демонтаж и замена может занять не более недели, If performed by a group of professionals, in which, probably, a kitchen locksmith or builder will come in, электрик и сантехник. Вам также могут понадобиться услуги декоратора и/или плиточника.

On the other hand, if you are doing a kitchen extension, moving the kitchen or major remodeling of the space, которая будет включать в себя снос внутренних стен, adding new windows and doors, установку новой системы подогрева полов и т. d., it, obviously, take longer.

You should discuss your work schedule and timeline at the start of the project with your builder, to get a good idea of ​​how, how long will it all take and how long will you, probably, will be without kitchen utensils.

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